Universal Point of Sale

GuestVision simplifies the way you move money throughout every part of your business with a POS system flexible enough to process transactions in every department, while keeping the information in sync with the back-office systems that track financial aid, inventory, payroll and accounting.


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For over 20 years GuestVision has been serving millions of consumers at thousands of locations, processing billions of dollars of transactions.

“GuestVision’s point of sale software integrates performance with student records and also gives me all the reports that I had when I was a salon owner: requests, referrals, retails sales, average ticket price and more. Now we can monitor student progress where it really counts.”

John Halal

Honors Beauty College

Indianapolis, IN

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use Point of Sale Screen

GuestVision’s clean and simple interface makes it easy for faculty, staff and students to manage transactions quickly and efficiently. Whether tracking sales or managing tuition payments, GuestVision POS will make your business run smoothly.

Fully Integrated Card Processing

GuestVision seamlessly integrates credit card, debit card and gift card processing without the need for a third party application. Save time and money by removing the need for additional card processing software or hardware.

Simplify Reporting with Automated Emails
GuestVision’s robust library of more than 300 detailed reports can be scheduled to automatically email teachers, faculty and administrators with the information they need. The signature GuestVision Dashboard provides an at-a-glance daily, weekly, monthly or year-to-date summary of your business’ data.

Robust Customization for Any Industry

GuestVision allows you to track both guest tickets and transactions. GuestVision receipt printers can automatically print detailed tickets with purchase history, appointment history and customized disclaimers or customer messages.

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