The Importance Of Time Clock Software For Cosmetology Schools And Salon Chains

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Time is money, and tracking student attendance and worker productivity is critical to business success. So whether you’re monitoring student training time on the salon floor, in-class sessions, and/or employee hours, our time clock software can make managing your business simple. GuestVision time and attendance solutions offer multi-location chains easy and accurate tracking with biometrics and mobile apps. Automatically record attendance and track productivity with an integrated, scalable time clock system able to handle enterprise environments and send accurate and easy-to-read reports to those who need it.

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Time Clock Software Features

Eliminate the need for external software with integrated time and attendance solutions. Our time clock software delivers everything you need to run your cosmetology school or multi-location salon chain and integrates seamlessly with your existing point of sale (POS) system.
  • Time Tracking – Bi-directional integrations with leading SIS (Student Information Systems) and POS systems allow salon staff and students to clock in/out to track hours effortlessly.
  • Attendance – Monitor class attendance with ease to determine what students are present. Reduce administrative costs by allowing educators to monitor class requirements and late arrivals and students to clock themselves in.
  • Communication – Send customized messages or announcements directly to students or employees as they clock in. Connecting personalized messages through the biometric time clocks ensures the right student receives the correct information.
  • Mobility – Easily clock in/out from smartphones, tablets, or remote terminals to track attendance from anywhere at any time.
  • Payroll Integration – Eliminate the need for multiple systems by seamlessly tracking time, attendance, and payroll data through a single interface. Save time and money by simplifying your payroll with our integrated software.
  • Reporting Dashboard – Automatically generate detailed report summaries to provide a snapshot of attendance to ensure students meet credit requirements. Understand employee hours on client visits to improve productivity.
  • Security – Take control of your information with our customizable security levels for educators and salon management. Using the latest biometric technology provides a more secure recognition and authentication system to better identify students, employees, and management.
  • Integration – Smoothly connects with many leading cosmetology and salon software systems to deliver accuracy and efficiency.
  • Recognition – Build loyalty and go beyond student, employee, and customer expectations with reminders to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or performance.

Advantages Of Our Time And Attendance Solutions

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Optimize your cosmetology school or enterprise salon layout with easy access to time clocks offering desktop applications, fingerprint readers or wall-mounted solutions. Students and salon staff can easily clock in using a punch code, barcode, email, or biometric scanner.


Make it easy for students or salon staff to log their time with general clock-in or class clock-in. Our time clock software makes it easier than ever to make adjustments to time cards, deal with excluded or unexcused absences, easily edit time for forgetful students and leave notes.

Admin can quickly review and break down cross-location time cards to check hours clocked for accreditation. Monitor revenue, PPH, PPG, and tips through the scorecard without manually gathering your data outside of the system. Print or send reports according to date or course to efficiently manage multi-location environments

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Gain Better Control of Back Office Solutions with The Manager Tab

Managing your time clock software has never been easier; gain access to student or employee information from anywhere with multi-location and remote access. Our time and attendance software solutions offer the flexibility to focus on the metrics that matter most. Create classes to clock into for independent learning objectives or manage course schedules that are auto-populated into the timeclock from your POS. Never lose touch by sending individual or mass messages for students and staff to see upon clocking in.

Benefits Of Our Time And Attendance Software Solutions

  • Monitor and track time worked by faculty, students, or salon staff
  • Ensure compliance for financial aid and accreditation approval
  • Gain insight into student engagement
  • Enhance security for everyone on the premises
  • Streamline the payroll and financial aid process
  • Optimize scheduling of resources and staffing of projects
  • Understand workforce availability

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