Keep Students on Track with Our Beauty Software for Schools

Are you a cosmetology school looking to support student success? Look no further! Our beauty software for schools alleviates stress from your front desk employees. Workers can easily monitor student progress and allocate services to the students who need them to graduate. With service level sheets, you can take the guesswork out of scheduling your students for required services.

Additionally, our beauty software automatically places students who need a skill to graduate at the front of the line. By using software to prioritize students, you’ll ensure every student is treated fairly and eliminate time spent manually tracking student progress.

Service Level Sheet Benefits

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Ensure Student Success

Students who need a specific service to graduate will be moved to the front of the line. This way, all students get equal treatment, and your school can improve graduation rates.
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Eliminate Manual Processes

Take the burden out of managing student progress and let your staff focus on other tasks. By automating this process, you can eliminate human error and take stress off the front desk.
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Streamline Service-Matching

Your employees will always have the peace of mind that your students are making the progress they need to graduate, helping your school stand out from the competition.

Ready to Streamline the Process of Service-Matching with Beauty Software?

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Features of Service Level Sheets

  • A real-time tracker of student progress so that you can book the next appointment to the appropriate student
  • Provides a workflow that ensures processes are followed at all times while removing  subjectivity in the hands of staff
  • Eliminates manual processes and reduces hours of tracking information on student progress
  • Improves staff and student satisfaction with well-defined steps in booking each and every appointment

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