students at cosmetology school

3 Ways Cosmetology Software Can Help You Start a New School

Keep Your New School Organized and Successful With Cosmetology Software When you open a cosmetology school, there are many things you need to consider. From course offerings to selecting the right equipment, you’ll have many decisions to make, but having the right cosmetology software is one aspect that can help keep you organized. Cosmetology is…

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Hairdressers Training with Mannequin Head in Education Center. Professional female hairdresser teaching adult students haircutting technique.

3 Must-Have Beauty School Software Features

Beauty School Software: 3 Must-Have POS Features and Benefits Like many other industries, the past few years have been anything but typical for beauty and cosmetology schools. However, one thing remains constant, providing students with the training and education needed to prepare them for life after school. Offering up-to-date software plays a crucial role in…

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strengthening your passwords

Prevent Cyber Threats by Strengthening Your Passwords

Do NOT use real words or identifying information Did you know that the simplest password hacking software can guess a password that uses real words — forward and backward? Also avoid using proper nouns (i.e., your pet’s name), keyboard patterns (qwerty is obvious, but any keyboard patterns are easily decode-able), letter or number sequences, or…

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