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Cosmetology School and Salon Payment Processing Solutions

GuestVision’s seamless payment solutions integrate with our point of sale (POS) software, so you can easily accept payments at your cosmetology school or salon. In addition, we partner with leading payment software providers to offer secure and reliable solutions. Your customers expect options when it comes to payment. From the latest contactless solution to class credit, debit, and gift cards. Increase revenue and boost the customer experience with the latest cosmetology school and salon credit card processing solutions.

Our Payment Processing Solution Features


Secure your business with better protection

Secure point-to-point encryption and tokenization, to meet PCI compliance requirements. Our secure processing reduces fraud, chargebacks, and data theft, improving profitability.

Respond quickly to customer preferences

Keep up with customer preferences with access to emerging payment solutions from top technology vendors, so your business consistently delivers customers preferred payment options.

Improve your business operations

Our centralized solution offers easy-to-understand payment data insights to improve processes and enhance revenue, allowing you to view data to identify areas for cost optimization.

Why Choose an Integrated Payment Processing Solution?

Easy integrations with your POS help speed-up transactions, shorten front-desk lines and improve the customer check-out experience. Our payment processing software simplifies business processes by saving information to your POS providing easy centralized control. Additionally, you can reduce duplicate accounting efforts and the risk of incorrectly entered amounts that can lead to chargebacks with no need to match reports from the terminal to the POS.

Our solutions allow you to keep your cosmetology school and salon credit card processing secure to reduce fraud, chargebacks, and data theft, while improving profitability. Plus, our partners provide one-stop payment customer support so your business can get help when needed.

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Upgrade To A Fast, Easy, And Safe Payment Solution

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Benefits of Integrated Cosmetology School and Salon Credit Card Processing Solutions

  • Easy Installation: Get up and running quickly with simple integration so you can focus on your customers, not payment
  • Unified Payment Processing: Accept multiple forms of payment, including contactless, credit, debit, and gift cards, in a secure and straightforward format
  • Exclusive Support: A knowledgeable support team is only a call away
  • Streamlined Transactions: Seamlessly post payments to the ledger, reducing duplicate accounting effort and saving time

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