Salon Inventory Management for Cosmetology Schools and Salon Chains

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Finding the right salon inventory management system for your school or salon enterprise can be challenging. To get the most out of your inventory, you need to get a full 360 view, from retail items to professional products used for the back bar. No more wasted time counting bottles or money lost from over-buying.

Our inventory management software gives you complete control of your inventory, allowing you to streamline operations and manage your multi-unit enterprises from one central location. Learn why our salon inventory management system is ideal for your chain of cosmetology schools or salons.

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Our Chain Salon Software Features

Centralized inventory capabilities

Centralized Inventory Capabilities

Centralized inventory capabilities for multi-location enterprises

Barcode Technology

Barcode technology to quickly and accurately do inventory counts and audits

Low Stock Alerts

Set alerts for low stock items and generate automated purchase orders to reorder

Inventory Tracking

Capability to separately track both retail and professional products

Inventory Reports

Develop inventory reports to discover customer trends

Business Security

Biometric fingerprints and password access to protect your business security

Optimize Your Business With Our Salon Inventory Management System

From running low alerts and mass software updates to integrated ordering, we’ve got everything your business needs to easily manage your multi-location cosmetology school or salon inventory. Our inventory management system allows you to track individual retail items and the amount of a product used. Inventory data is communicated in real-time to your point of sale (POS), providing you with insights into retail performance and the ability to run effective marketing programs based on product or service availability.

Specific inventory control allows you to use or assign a unique serial number to similar products while tracking the use of each item to identify over/under usage areas. With GuestVision, you now know when an item needs to be replenished. These custom features help speed up your ordering process and monitor order shipments with fast and accurate receiving – while lowering inventory costs.

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Learn About The Different Solutions We Offer

Highly Rated Software with Low Monthly Fees

Salon Inventory Management System Designed For Multiple-Location Enterprises

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Manage multiple cosmetology schools or salons with GuestVision’s warehouse and distribution module. Our salon inventory management system offers centralized inventory for multi-location businesses, with easily accessible vendor and product lists for efficient procurement and inventory management.

Every school or salon can share its inventory but still maintain separate pricing, costs, and vendors, and even separate shipping terms. Warehouses can receive products from vendors and automatically distribute them to the various locations that need them.

If a location has too much of one product and another school or salon needs it, auto-leveling transfers can automatically generate shipping and receiving events to transfer the product to the appropriate site. Our salon inventory management system enables easy inventory control and stock transfers across multiple locations.

Benefits Of Inventory Management For Multi-Location Salons

  • Minimize human errors with automated tracking
  • Monitor back bar products and consumption
  • Mitigate loss prevention from shrinkage, theft, waste, and overuse
  • Speed up your ordering process and monitor shipments

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