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Time & Attendance to fit all of your needs.

Customized to your needs, GuestVision offers a new way to manage time and attendance with biometrics and mobile apps. Using an integrated, scalable, multi-terminal, multi-campus timeclock system, GuestVision automatically records attendance.

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Minimize your systems…

Track employee time and payroll on the same platform and timeclock as students, reducing the need for multiple systems.

self check in

Mobilize your time…

Clock-in from phones, tablets or remote terminals to track attendance from externships, field trips and external rotations.


“We especially like the biometric time station and how it actively updates the appointment scheduling system when the student’s clock-in/out. The front desk knows right away if the student is clocked in/out.”

Jeff Sells

Broken Arrow Beauty College Inc.

Tulsa, OK

Automated Class Credit & Attendance

Reduce administrative costs and the amount of time faculty spend manually tracking attendance by equipping every classroom with a timeclock and fingerprint reader. Allow educators to effortlessly monitor class requirements and late arrivals while allowing students to clock themselves in as they enter the classroom.

On- Screen Student Messaging

Communicate important messages to students easily and securely. Administrators can send customized messages or public announcements directly to students as they clock in. Connecting personalized messages through the biometric timeclocks ensure that important information is received by the right student at the right time. 

Customized Security with Biometrics

Customize security levels for educators and students alike. Allow educators greater command over their classroom with granular security controls. Using the latest in biometric technology, GuestVision timeclocks provide a more secure recognition and authentication system to better identify students and faculty working in the classroom.  

Detailed Reporting & Integrated Tracking

Detailed report summaries are automatically generated to provide a snapshot of attendance to ensure students are meeting credit requirements. Bi-directional integrations with some of the leading student management systems improves efficiency and accuracy of time and attendance tracking while saving time and money